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RO-MAN 2017 ERL-SR Competitions

The ERL-SR Major Tournament taking place at ISR-Lisbon, will be live streamed on Youtube from Tuesday, 29/Aug until Thursday, 31/Aug.

The European Robotics League (ERL) is a novel common framework for two indoor robot challenges, ERL Industrial Robots and ERL Service Robots, and one outdoor robot challenge, ERL Emergency Robots.

These three unique challenges aim at replicating consistent benchmarking results more than stating a winner of a single event, and have been designed to target three clear objectives: the European societal challenge of aging population, the strengthening of the European robotics industry and to push the state of the art in autonomous systems for emergency response.

The European Robotics League local and major tournaments are based in Europe and are open to international participation. The indoor challenges are supported by an increasing number of benchmarking testbeds across Europe where researchers compete, meet, discuss, learn and improve.

ERL Service Robots (ERL-­SR) is a challenge that aims at bringing together the benefits of scientific benchmarking with the attraction of robot competitions in the realm of domestic service robotics, where robots interact with humans to help them in the domestic chores. Thus, RO-MAN 2017 being hosted by Lisbon, where one of the ERL-SR test beds is located, was an unique opportunity to hold a ERL-SR Major Tournament co-located with the conference, simultaneously making it the conference Competitions Track.

All the information about RO-MAN 2017 ERL-SR competitions will be regularly updated at . On 31 August afternoon, a tour to visit IST Robotics Labs and see the finals of the competitions will be organised. On 1 September, one of the Workshops will focus on robot competitions. Do not miss these events!

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