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Exhibition - TIAgo Robot

TIAGo is a mobile manipulator designed and built by Spanish company, PAL Robotics.

With 12 degrees of freedom, 100% ROS-compatible software and an interchangeable end-effector (five finger hand or parallel gripper), TIAGo is a versatile robot with modular capabilities that make it perfect for research into navigation, vision and human-robot interaction in sectors such as assisted living or light industry.

The robot has a mobile base with a combination of lasers, sonars and actuated sensors, a max. speed of 1m/s and batteries that provide up to 10 hours of autonomy. The arm has a workspace of 86cm and a maximum payload of 3kg without the end-effector.
TIAGo will be demonstrating capabilities including Whole Body Control, autonomous navigation and gravity compensation at RO-MAN 2017, so take a minute to stop by and watch a demonstration in between presentations!

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