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Instructions for Session Chairs/Co-Chairs

The duties of the chair and co-chair are to be present during the whole session, to introduce and thank the speakers, to allow short questions and answers after each presentation, and to keep the session on schedule.
In some cases, chairs and co-chairs were selected among the authors of the papers presented during the session. This means that the chair and co-chair of a session should change roles when necessary to avoid chairing their own papers.

Oral presentations:
Please notice that each paper is allotted 15 minutes, i.e. 12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for discussions.
In case of no-show papers, please use the slot for discussion and/or presentation of additional materials to papers previously presented (e.g. more Q&A, more detailed answers to questions previously posed by the audience, additional slides or videos, etc). Changing the program schedule is NOT an option.

Oral & Poster Presentation Guidelines

Oral sessions guidelines

  • The presentation time is 15 minutes. This includes speaker transition, setting up your computer (if needed), and question & answers. So each speaker will have to finish his/her talk within 12 minutes to have time enough for question & answers.
  • The rooms are equipped with screen, LCD projector and, in the case of the larger rooms, audio system.
  • The suggested slide size is widescreen (16:9).
  • Presenters are supposed to use their own laptops that will connect to room projector via standard VGA and/or HDMI. Please bring a suitable adapter if required.
  • Presenters that wish to use a conference laptop should send the final presentation in .pdf format to the e-mail to before August 25th, clearly indicating the title of the work and session where it will be presented.
  • The conference laptops run standard Windows OS and the organization will not responsible for any issue that may occur related with use of different video codecs.

Poster session guidelines

  • The poster session will be held on August 30, 2017 in the Ajuda I room at 15:30.
  • At least one of the authors of each accepted poster is required to be present at the poster session for its whole duration.
  • Authors should prepare and print out the poster in A1 size, portrait orientation.
  • Posters will be displayed on poster display boards. The poster display boards will be assigned according to the poster numbers. The poster number can be found on .
  • Authors should mount their posters on poster display boards according to the assigned poster numbers.
  • Authors are responsible for mounting their posters at least 15 minutes before the poster session starts and for removing of their posters after the end of the session.
  • Posters can be mounted to the poster boards with tape, which will be provided.

No-show papers policy

According to IEEE rules, the author or one of the co-authors is expected to attend the conference in person to present his paper and share his ideas.
Distribution of any paper that will not be presented at the conference will be only limited to the proceedings distributed on site and the paper will not be indexed or appear in IEEE Xplore.

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