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The organizing committee would like to invite proposals for workshops and tutorials of practical and theoretical importance, as well as to provide a forum for more detailed discussions on key issues related to human-robot interaction.

Tutorials will target promising and established research fields, whereas workshops will focus on areas of active research, thus providing an informal forum for participants to exchange developing research results and ideas. We encourage state-of-the-art proposals, which have high levels of interest, impact, creativity and innovation to attract a broad audience. Workshops and tutorials focusing on academia-industry partnerships and technology transfer of robotics research are welcome. The primary criteria for selection will be: anticipated level of interest, impact, novelty and creativity, identification of possible workshop follow-ups (i.e., special issues in international journals or edited books), as well as technical background of prospective speakers.

The submission of a workshop or tutorial proposal must also include the following information:

- Title;
- Format (indicate full or half day, tutorial or workshop);
- Main organizer (one person only, complete address, phone, and email);
- Co-organizers (complete address, and email);
- Statement of objectives;
- Intended audience;
- List of speakers (to be contacted, invited or confirmed);
- List of topics.

The Workshop/Tutorial proposal template in DOCX format can be downloaded here.

The proposal must be submitted via the Papercept submission site for the conference.
Upon approval the organizers will be asked to produce and maintain a dedicated workshop webpage which shall be used to disseminate updated information on the workshop and also to raise interest from potential additional presenters and participants.
Important Dates/Deadlines
- 19 March 2017: Submission for workshops & tutorials proposals;
- 5 April 2017: Notification of acceptance for workshops & tutorials;
- 10 July 2017: Workshop and tutorial programs finalized;
- 28-31 August 2017: Main conference.
We look forward to hosting your workshops and tutorials at RO-MAN2017.

Workshops/Tutorial Co-Chairs
Fulvio Mastrogiovanni, University of Genoa, Italy;
Diego Faria, Aston University, UK.

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